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Granite has some of the most diverse patternings in stone. To the right are a few examples of the diverse and organic nature of granite.


Pricing starts at $38 per square foot. Call for more details.

Blue Pearl Granite
Dallas White Granite
ColdSpring Granite
Santa Cecilia Grantie
Marron Cohiba


Marble has a timeless and effortless aesthetic. The variations in marble are in its veining, texture, and hue. To the right are a few examples of different veining and hues of Marble.


Pricing starts at $55 per square foot. Call for more details on pricing.

Bianco Carrera Marble
Statuario Marble
Calcutta Gold Marble
Calacatta Manhattan Marble
Dark Emperador Marble


Quartzite is natural stone with a very high hardness. Unique in its softer veining and vibrant coloring, Quartzite is a great choice for any area of the home

Quartzite pricing starts at $90 per square foot. Call for more details.

Crystal Ice Quartzite
Taj Mahal Quartzite
Azul Imperiale Quartzite
Super White Quartzite
Chateau Blanc Quartzite


Quartz is very durable non-porous man-made material. The beauty of quartz is the seemingly endless variety and there is no annual maintenance. Styles of quartz vary from brand to brand.

Quartz pricing varies by brand, call for more details.

White Ice - Daltile One Quartz
Calacatta Gold  AGM Quartz
Siridium- Silestone Quartz
Italian Waves Hanstone Quartz
Calacatta Nuvo - Caesarstone Quartz
Minera - Cambria Quartz
Montclair White MSI Quartz
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