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Please find descriptions of positions we are currently seeking to fill below. 

Please send resume to or Click Apply.

On Email subject line please indicate which position you are applying for.





  • A granite installer handles the installation of granite in a house or place of business. 

  • Your responsibilities extend to the installation of other materials such as marble, quartz, or other natural rock or synthetic materials. 

  • Your duties are to load material into your vehicle, drive to the work site, remove the existing countertop or kitchen accents if necessary, and then install the new granite.

  • Establish and manage proper procedures for installing and seaming granite/quartz counter tops, fireplaces, kitchens  and bathroom vanities.

  • Load, deliver, and install granite (counter tops, bathroom vanities, etc.)

  • Install granite counter tops for commercial, residential, new homes, and remodels.

  • Make sure that they are leveled on the counter tops.

  • Gather necessary tools & equipment needed for each job.

  • Deliver and install granite counter tops in a timely manner.




  • Answer and direct phone calls

  • Organize and schedule meetings and appointments

  • Assist in the preparation of regularly scheduled reports

  • Develop and maintain a filing system

  • Knowledge of office management systems and procedures

  • Excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work

  • Attention to detail and problem-solving skills

  • Strong organizational and planning skills

  • Proficiency in MS Office

  • Design, interpret and specify all information for a granite, marble, quartz and quartzite countertop project

  • Know how to calculate the square footage of each project

  • Know how to estimate and invoice in QuickBooks

  • Ability to organize and monitor all project processes so that each project is delivered on time

  • Make the daily schedule of installations and templates




  • Grinds and polishes stone to smooth or lustrous finish, using portable grinding and polishing tool: Selects abrasive wheel according to type of stone, finish specified, or step in finishing process, and attaches wheel to tool, using wrench

  • Wets stone surface, using hose, and guides rotating wheel over stone to smooth surface

  • Washes grit from stone, using hose

  • Moves hand over stone surface to detect uneven areas

  • Spreads emery powder or other polishing compound on stone, attaches buffing wheel on tool, and guides wheel over stone to polish surface

  • Rubs stone surfaces that cannot be finished by machine or portable tool with abrasive blocks to smooth or polish stone

  • When surfacing marble; Fabricator/Polisher fills cracks or imperfections in stone with wax that matches color of stone



  • The salesperson is responsible for initiating sales conversations and making the sales process easy for customers

  • The salesperson's job is to ask customers questions and recommend the best stone based on their wants and needs

  • The seller must inform the differences, advantages and disadvantages in choosing a particular material

  • Process payments: in addition to assisting customers procure their desired material, the seller also processes the sales transactions

  • Preparing the sales area: another responsibility for the seller is to prepare the materials to be displayed in the sales area. It is your job to consistently maintain and improve the appearance of your sales area

  • Perform inventory and replenishment management

  • Salespeople need to be aware of the stock of stones and sinks, organize the delivery of purchases and count the stock

  • Salespeople must be outgoing and detail-oriented communicators

  • Customer service: offering excellent service is a priority for the company. Efficiency in timing, demeanor and presentation for potential and existing customers is a requirement

  • Negotiation: feel free to deal with customer objections and work politely for a sale

  • Memorization: salespeople must remember accurate information about current sales promotions as well as payment and exchange policies, to do their job effectively

  • Communication Skills: salespeople often speak to customers, potential customers, team members, managers and other guests. Strong communication skills are essential

  • Physical Fitness: standing for many hours, walking, making hand movements, reaching and lifting up to 40 pounds is necessary for some salespeople who manage and move the product as part of their position

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